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Dramatic Savings on Loan Fees

Bruce L.

My family needed money fast to pay off a bank business loan. One lender wanted to charge over $45,000 in fees, and the loan interest rate seemed way too high. We knew Dan Stone through our church. Dan took the time to learn about our situation that included multiple loans and several family members. Through Dan's contacts, experience, and knowledge he was able to find us a better, more helpful lender with dramatically improved terms. In fact, we saved over $40,000 in fees and closed by the deadline! Our family appreciated Dan’s efforts and his professionalism.

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First Time Home Buyers

Kevin & Twyla T.

My wife and I were in the market to buy our first home, my friend strongly suggested that I speak to his friend, Dan Stone, the Mortgage Fee Coach. He spent several hours educating us about the loan process and helped compare rates and fees for all the quotes, including the one from our broker.

Dan helped us obtain $788 lower in closing costs on the loan. Dan is great! He is knowledgeable, experienced, and very passionate about his business. He really wants to help people and we wouldn't hesitate to recommend him to our friends.

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Saved Money and Hassles

Michelle R.

My father was looking into refinancing his property in Mission Viejo and a rental property we own together through a lender he found. While we were meeting, I asked about refinancing my rental property also.

After our loan approval and before docs were drawn, I mentioned our rate and fees to Dan, who said he could save us some money on the deal. With my permission, he contacted the lender to discuss the rate and fees. Dan obtained $2,000 lower fees on each loan, saving a total of over $4,000! I'm very thankful for Dan's help, immediate attention, and negotiating skills to help us lower our costs. Had I known how helpful Dan was going to be, I would have used his services early on to save us the hassles.

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Refi Savings

Rob and Jacqueline V.

We knew interest rates had dropped, so we decided to refinance and called our current lender, Bank of America, where we have a home loan and our bank account. Over the course of four months, the bank kept asking for more and more information. When the loan was finally approved, interest rates had dropped even more, at which point we contacted Dan. He suggested we ask our lender to approve the loan immediately at a rate of 3.50%, not the 4% originally offered. The bank declined.

Dan contacted one of his trusted lenders, who offered us a no cost, 30-year loan at 3.50% that would close within 45 days. Dan helped us receive an even deeper discount, with a .50% lower rate and a savings of over $100 a month in payments. If we keep the loan for 30 years, our savings is over $36,000!

Dan was extremely helpful, always willing to take our calls and field our questions. I can’t say enough good things about our experience. We highly recommend him.

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Refi Savings and Education

Dan C.

I would really like to thank Dan for his expert assistance during our refinance process. Not only did he help in navigating the complicated areas of the mortgage terms and ideas, he also educated me so I could fully understand the steps involved. He gave me confidence as we compared four offers from four companies. His suggested lender provided great service, twice as good as when I refinanced with Chase years ago. Dan’s rate and fee comparison clearly showed the best lender in a simple-to-understand, black and white illustration. Dan helped me make the right decision with the company that provided the best rate with the lowest closing costs.

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Loan Fees are Negotiable!

Shari S.

Mortgage Fee Coach, made our refinancing process very easy. I had already been talking to a lender, but Dan introduced me to another lender who he has worked with over the years. Dan took the time to not only compare the two lenders and what they were charging, but also to explain all the fees to me and point out which ones were negotiable. He helped me save approximately $750 in fees and the lender was incredibly easy to work with. I knew if I had any questions about the process, I could contact Dan at any time. Both Dan and the lender made it a stress-free experience.

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Lower Rate and Fees on Refinance

Hunter S.

I wanted a lower rate and was quoted 4.875% plus a 1-pt fee on approximately $303,420. After reviewing rates and fees with Dan, I was able to obtain a rate of 4.625% at ¼-point fee. Thus, the savings were in points as well as in the overall interest rate on the loan and the monthly payment was obviously lower. The monthly savings was $38 or $2,280 over 5 years. Total savings in rates and fees: $4,455!

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