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10 More Great Questions to Ask a Realtor and Best Answers!

Date: 09/19/2016        [ Go Back ]

It’s a good idea to ask a realtor these questions before you sign the contract.
The BEST realtors have great honest answers, not sales pitches.

This is the second group from the 30 questions to ask a prospective realtor.
(You can see
the first 10 questions and answers here.)

11. What if I decided to purchase a new builder home?
Best answer: The realtor has years of experience helping buyers purchase new builder homes as well.

12. Do you offer any incentive for referring more buyers and sellers to you, and if so, how does it work?
Best answer: Yes, the realtor will reduce their commission because of your referral.

13. How many clients do you have now?
Best answer: 1-2. What is the maximum number of clients at one time? Best answer: 5 clients.

14. How quickly are you aware of new listings on the NMLS and unlisted properties?
Best answer: Immediately, as they receive email updates and are constantly talking with other realtors at competing companies.

15. How many staff work for you?
Best answer: 1-6 staff can create a great team. Names and positions?

16. What type of home do you specialize in: single-family homes, condos, multi-family, and investor purchases?
Best answer: They have purchased or sold 20-30 homes in the specific type of home you are looking to purchase.

17. When advertising, do you partner with a mortgage lender?
Best answer: No, that way the realtor is not obligated to direct business to a specific lender.

18. Do you prefer listings or home sales?
Best answer: Whichever area you are looking to do. Why? Best answer: They should have a good reason.

19. What other services do you provide?
Best answer: Referrals to house cleaners, window washers, appliance repairman, etc. Is there a fee for those services? Best answer: No, they help because they are a good person.

20. Do you provide any benefits to the buyer(s) after the home is sold or purchased?
Best answer: Yes, available anytime to answer questions or concerns.

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